VERDEVELENO is a Spanish company with a history of almost half a century. Its origin was a small family laboratory specialized in exotic skins led by the Danvila brothers. At first the company was closely linked to the national market, but it is with the entry into the business of the second generation, when the company acquired more of a commercial dynamic, penetrating new markets and introducing itself in international scopes.



The pursuit of excellence as a routine and commitment to quality, development,
innovation, reactivity and customer service are part of the culture of VERDEVELENO, all made possible through the cooperation and effective communication with our customers and suppliers at all stages.



Throughout the way the company has been investing resources in equipment and new technologies to achieve a level of quality that matches the demanding requirements of their potential customers, European firms, thus becoming one of the best companies of the sector worldwide. Design is a fundamental part of the company’s philosophy being one of the keys to success. VERDEVELENO stands for innovation and thus is recognized by EQA, becoming a pioneer company in technological innovation in the finishing of exotic skins.



Respect for the environment is also an essential element in our policy and business mindset and understanding for the development and design of materials. Both in production processes, storage and distribution, VERDEVELENO ensures proper management in matters relating to the environment and minimization of risks arising from our activities. Therefore there is a commitment to research and maintain high quality standards, while respecting the environment.